Lecturer in Geomatics

Employeur : University of Glasgow
Zone géographique : United Kingdom
Date de parution : 30 avril 2015
  • Reference Number: 010368
  • Location: Gilmorehill Campus / Main Building
  • Job Family: Research And Teaching
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range: £33,242 - £37,394 / £40,847 - £47,328

Job Purpose

To deliver internationally excellent research and teaching, primarily in the Geomatics PGT programmes and across Geographical & Earth Sciences undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and to undertake administration as assigned by the Head of School.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Contribute to enhancing the research profile of the School including maintaining a track record of peer-reviewed international publications of 4*quality in Geomatics.
  2. Develop and maintain an externally funded research programme across the School, College and University.
  3. Deliver a range of teaching and assessment activities, primarily Land Survey within the Geomatics PGT programmes, and across Geographical & Earth Sciences undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, taking responsibility for existing courses, projects and developing and leading new courses. This will include field teaching and may include teaching in international programmes in China or elsewhere.
  4. Supervise Masters and undergraduate student projects and work placements. 
  5. Supervise and train postgraduate students to ensure their effective development 
  6. Work with industry to develop research projects and generate impact beyond the academic environment. Use industrial links to develop opportunities for PGT student projects and PGR studentships.
  7. Participate in appropriate research seminars/conferences within subject area.
  8. Participate in School research group activities and new initiatives.
  9. Lead aspects of the planning, organisation and delivery of postgraduate and/or undergraduate teaching activities within GES in accordance with established School programmes.
  10. Contribute to the on-going development and design of the curriculum, in a manner that supports a research–led approach to student learning.
  11. Enhance the student learning experience.
  12. Participate fully in assessment and examination process as appropriate, using a variety of methods and techniques and provide effective, timely and appropriate feedback to students.
  13. Engage in knowledge exchange activities as appropriate
  14. Promote the University’s internationalisation agenda
  15. Undertake School administration as assigned by the Head of School.
  16. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as required by the Head of School.

    For appointment at Grade 8 you will: 
  17. Undertake the duties in the earlier section with a higher degree of leadership and responsibility.
  18. Have a research reputation in Geomatics, or the application of Geomatics to Geographical and Earth Sciences, of international significance, evidenced by a track record of publications of international publications of 3* quality and grants/contracts, and provide an enhanced leadership contribution to the above-mentioned duties.
  19. Take responsibility for the planning, organisation and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities in the relevant and related subject areas, in accordance with the School programme.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience


A1 PhD in Geomatics or cognate discipline
A2 Qualifications or background to teach Land Survey, hydrographic and/or engineering surveying at PGT level
A3 Evidence of research expertise within Geomatics.
A4 An emerging publication record of peer-reviewed international publications 

For appointment at Grade 8:
A5 An established track record of international publications of 3* quality in Geomatics.
A6 An emerging track record of attracting research funding.

B1 Professional qualification in the subject (e.g. MRICS, MCICES)
B2 Research experience in Geography and/or Earth Science.


C1 Research creativity and potential for leadership.
C2 Self-motivation.
C3 Ability for independent thought to generate original research questions, including ones that will lead to grant winning.
C4 Expertise that complements and strengthens existing research in the Earth Systems Research Group (ESRG), GES, SUERC and across the College of Science and Engineering and the University of Glasgow more widely.
C5 Ability to teach/supervise effectively at taught postgraduate and undergraduate level.
C6 Readiness to become involved in postgraduate supervision.
C7 Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
C8 Excellent interpersonal skills and presentation skills.
C9 Time/project/budget management skills as appropriate.
C10 Ability to work as part of a team.
C11 Ability to work with little supervision.
C12 Ability to accept collegiate responsibilities and act accordingly.

For appointment at Grade 8:

C13 Leadership and facilitation skills.
C14 Ability to provide strategic contribution at Subject or School level.
C15 Excellent people and project management skills.

D1 Clean and full driving licence.


E1 Normally 2 years postdoctoral research experience.
E2 Track record of established or emerging high quality research in Geomatics, or the application of Geomatics to Geographical and Earth Sciences, particularly as evidenced by publications. 
E3 Experience of successful teaching, tutoring or demonstrating Geomatics at undergraduate or postgraduate level
E4 Experience in land, hydrographic and/or engineering surveying

For appointment at Grade 8:

E5 Minimum of 3-5 years postdoctoral research experience in a relevant area.
E6 Established track record of academic publications, activity and funding streams of international quality.
E7 Growing reputation in research/teaching at national and international level.
E8 Experience of successfully applying for, securing and managing research grant funding.

F1 Track record of success in securing independent external research grant funding.
F2 Experience of administration of University degree courses and/or programmes.
F3 Experience of conducting participatory and/or activist research and/or teaching.
F4 Experience of LIS, BIM, GNSS and/or photogrammetry. 
F5 Experience of field teaching at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
F6 Experience of involvement in knowledge exchange activities with policy makers and/or other end-users.


Job Features

Develop and maintain a strong research portfolio in Geomatics and/or its application to Geographical and Earth Sciences
Be principal investigator and co-investigator for research grants.
Undertake teaching in accordance with a fair distribution of School workload.
Undertake administration in accordance with a fair distribution of School workload.
Supervise research assistants/associates.
Supervise postgraduate students.
Work with end-users of research, as appropriate.
Publish as appropriate to subject specialism within appropriate agreed timescales/period.

Planning and Organising
Long term strategic development of research plans and research capabilities.
Monthly/annually – grant writing and submission.
Weekly/monthly – experimental research undertaken by self or research students/staff.
Weekly/monthly/annually – planning and preparation of taught courses.
Plan and organise administrative duties on an ongoing basis
Reactive – daily queries from students/staff.
Effective organisational skills to manage time and to prioritise appropriately research, teaching and administrative duties.

Decision Making
Strategic decisions on research direction and grant submissions, including development of collaborative activities.
Choice of appropriate journals, conferences and other media for dissemination of research outcomes.
Experiment design and choices of experimental equipment and techniques.
Curricula, intended learning outcomes, course content and assessment methods for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses.
Responsibility for organisation of resources, as appropriate.
Prioritise own work.
External involvement such as referee in research proposals, papers etc.

Internal/External Relationships

Head of School, Research Convenors and Director of Learning & Teaching for exchanging information, research and knowledge transfer strategy, learning and teaching strategy.
Programme leader(s) on aspects of teaching and assessment
Academic colleagues on all aspects of the post.
Research assistants/associates and research students to advise and motivate.
Masters and undergraduate students for teaching and learning support.
Academic support services for appropriate advice and for exchanging information.
Student support services, to exchange information, refer/support students.

Key research players, nationally and internationally, in the development of the subject specialism through range of appropriate academic channels.
Grant funding bodies (income generation).
End-users in research.
Journals (publishing).

Problem Solving
Research including problem solving and development of novel ideas.
Project design, research direction and grant winning.
Assistance of postgraduate students with problems relating to research.
Point of contact for problems/enquiries from students about teaching/research.

The School of Geographical & Earth Science (GES) has two large undergraduate programmes: 1. Geography and 2. Earth Sciences. 
Research in the School of Geographical & Earth Science (GES) is organised into two research groups: 1. Human Geography (HGRG) and 2. Earth Systems (ESRG). 

GES has10 PGT programmes: 

4 PGT programmes in Geomatics: 

  • Geospatial & Mapping Sciences (RICS and CInstCES accredited)
  • Geoinformation Technology and Cartography (RICS accredited)
  • Geomatics & Management (RICS accredited)
  • Land & Hydrographic Survey with Work Placement (new for 2015/16)

4 PGT programmes in water science

  • Aquatic Systems Science
  • Coastal Systems Management
  • Freshwater System Science
  • Marine System Science

1 MRes in Human Geography.
1 MSc programme in Environmental Management taught as part of the Joint Graduate School with Nankai University (GES contributes ~ 40% of teaching)

For further details of these programmes see: http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/ges/postgraduate/

Informal enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the Head of School, Professor Maggie Cusack (Maggie.Cusack@glasgow.ac.uk; tel: +44 (0)141 330 4224/ 5491)

Standard Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The salary will be on the Research and Teaching Grade, level 7/8, £33,242 - £37,394 / £40,847 - £47,328 per annum.

The successful applicant will be eligible to join the Universities' Superannuation Scheme. Further information regarding the scheme is available from the Superannuation Officer, who is also prepared to advise on questions relating to the transfer of Superannuation benefits.

All research and related activities, including grants, donations, clinical trials, contract research, consultancy and commercialisation are required to be managed through the University's relevant processes (e.g. contractual and financial), in accordance with the University Court's policies.
Relocation assistance will be provided where appropriate.

Probation Period

The successful applicant of this post will be enrolled onto the University’s Early Career Development Programme (ECDP). This will provide for you as an early career academic staff member to be developed and supported over a specified timeframe to facilitate the advancement of your academic career. 

Information on the programme can be found on our website at: 

New entrants to the University will be required to serve a probationary period of 6 months.
Vacancy reference: 010368, closing date: 21 May 2015.
Interview date: 1 and 2 July 2015.
To apply, visit : http://www.gla.ac.uk/about/jobs/vacancies/ and enter reference number 010368.