Data Scientist

Employeur : Local Logic
Zone géographique : Montréal
Date de parution : 29 mai 2017

As a Data Scientist at Local Logic you will work with our team to reveal insights about our company, create value out of the millions of data points we are generating every day and transform our awesome Location Scores into plain language. Using a combination of geospatial datasets, usage data from our clients, and feedback loops between the two, you will implement automated processes to improve our Location Scores, find gaps in our product, and generate unique insight on how people interact with their cities. You will also be responsible of developping products through Natural Language Generation.

Ultimately, using the power of data, you'll be called to change how cities are used and developed!


  • Develop a strategy for our AI and machine learning
  • Develop processes to improve Location Score quality
  • Develop processes to identify gaps in our Solutions
  • Develop the Natural Language Generation system for our product
  • Support Business Intelligence
  • Have an holistic view of data generated and usage across the company



  • Strong experience as a Data Scientist or Analyst
  • Experience in setting up machine learning processes
  • 2 to 5 year of work experience in a start-up and/or data-driven company
  • Natural Language Generation experience
  • Communication of data to non-tech team
  • Advanced statistical analysis capacity

Additional Assets:

  • Urban planning background or general understanding of the forces that drive cities
  • Work as a researcher in an academic or work context
  • Experience in geospatial data analysis
  • Business intelligence experience
  • Guess Who champion

Core Skills

  • Natural Language
  • Statistics
  • Python
  • R
  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis 

Additional Information

Compensation and Benefits

  • Join a smart and dedicated team in a high growth venture backed company
  • Flexible hours and remote work possible
  • Health, Dental and Vision benefits
  • Life, AD&D and Long Term Illness insurance
  • Career development opportunities
  • Sweet maps
  • Competitive compensation based on experience

About Local Logic

Local Logic is an information company that empowers thoughtful decisions by providing insight into locations. Our algorithms leverage a combination of geospatial data and user generated usage data to quantify qualitative aspects of location for every address in a city. At Local Logic we believe that information reveals insight, empowers decisions and inspires innovation.

Our team is committed to:

  • DIVERSITY: We know diversity brings out the best in everyone just as it does in cities.
  • INTEGRITY: We pride ourselves on having an honest and amazing team and on working with honest and amazing partners.
  • PROVIDING VALUE: We are committed to creating value for our clients, their customers and cities as a whole and we believe these are complementary.
  • CURIOSITY: We encourage experimentation and curiosity: show us something messy, show us something different!

Help us impact how cities are used and developed!

Come work in an environment where:

  • You get to take ownership of your projects, rather than just take orders
  • Everyone is driven, but chill
  • Personal and professional growth is encouraged and fostered
  • No assholes

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