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 Dép. des sciences géomatiques
 Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault
 Université Laval
 Québec (Québec)
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Significant innovation on the part of the Department of Geomatic Sciences at the University Laval !
New Graduate Programs in Geomatic Sciences

Our department has been the first to initiate a geomatics program for undergraduates in the middle of the 1980s. Today, it reaffirms its leadership in matters of training and research.

Next fall, 2006, announces a comprehensive and renewed range of graduate programs meeting the various needs for graduate-level training in geomatics:

 Short Training ProgramsMasters DegreesPh.D.
Technologies and ApplicationsGraduate Microprograms

Professional Masters Degrees in Geomatic Sciences (3 concentrations)

Professional Master's Degree in Environment Biogeosciences
R & DMaster's Degree in Geomatics Sciences, with a thesis
Management MBA 

The graduate microprograms (15 credits) provide an opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge relevant to the essential subjects of geomatics.

The professional masters’ degrees offer two concentrations specialized in geoinformatics and in territorial and land management, as well as an “applied” concentration open to the issues proposed by the students at the time of registration. Some other specialized concentrations will be subsequently initiated, depending on need.

The master’s degree with thesis is an initiation to the diversity of research approaches to geomatics, while the Ph.D. leads the students to demonstrate their abilities in basic research (on one of the disciplines of geomatics) or applied research (related to one of the various fields of application). View the list of our teachers (in french) and their expertise in order to identify your master’s thesis or Ph.D. supervisor.

In addition to these programs specific to the Department of Geomatic Sciences, and in partnership with the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and the École Nationale d'Administration Publique (ENAP), we offer:

A MBA program – geomatics management concentration. This is the first MBA in the world to be specifically designed for this field. It will meet the needs of the managers and leaders of major geomatics projects, who will thus acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and integrate geomatic solutions within their governments or organisations.

Finally, our Department works together with the Science and Engineering Faculty and the Department of Geographic Sciences of Laval University on the professional master’s degree in environment biogeosciences.

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